Richard W. Masters

Of Misterton-Walcote, Leicestershire, England

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Masters of Walcote, Leicestershire - the book.

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Excerpts from "The Masters of Walcote, Leicestershire" - the book about the family that Richard Masters left behind in England when he became William Marsters. 

The Masters of Walcote, Leicestershire - the Book

These books are available for purchase in hard or soft copy.

The online version costs NZD30 and the hardcopy version costs NZD60 (plus NZD5 for postage in NZ). $10 of this cost will be donated to the Palmerston Project Fund. 
If you are interested, please send a request via the "Contact Us" form.  Thank you

Table of Contents

Masters of Walcote - Table of Contents


Masters of Walcote - Acknowledgements

Research Resources

Masters of Walcote - Research Resources

Chapter Two: William Marsters of Palmerston Island

Masters of Walcote - Chapter 2

Masters of Walcote - Chapter 2 p22

Chapter Three - Richard Masters of Walcote (1831-1899)

1888 Map of Misterton and Walcote
Although Richard would have left Misterton years before this map became available, it details the area of the villages in which he lived and the land on which his family worked. 
(This map has been used courtesy of Landmark information Group, 7 Abbey Court, Eagle Way, Sowton, Exeter, EX2 7HY, England.

Masters of Walcote - Chapter 3 - p40

Masters of Walcote - Chapter 3 p41