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Visit to Coventry 2011

Published on Saturday, 02 November 2013 09:06 Hits: 1172

Category: Visits to Leicestershire

A visit to the UK in 2011 was a special birthday present I promised myself. And the icing on the cake was that I was able to meet a direct descendant of Ann Elizabeth Joel Masters-Granger, daughter of Richard Masters (aka William Marsters).

I had the best time ever meeting the family of Steven and Jackie Hughes, wandering (rather aimlessly I must admit) through cemeteries in areas the Masters family had lived, and learning as much as I could about Ann Elizabeth's family. There is still a lot of ground to cover as this information is still quite sparse.

But this is a small step for our family, and I am sure as time goes on we will learn more.  Here are some photos of the amazing time I shared with my new cousins. Thank you Steven and

Jackie and Steven looking for family gravestones    We also visited a lot of churches in Warwickshire and Leicestershire    Steven and I in the Tavern Inn in Walcote

We found the resting places of Des Masters and Harriet Emma Jeffs, Ann Elizabeth's daughter and Steven's great-grandmother... But it wasn't all churches and graveyards, we also visited Coombes Castle in Coventry. 

The marker of where Des's ashes are buried in ...  The headstone of Harriet Emma Jeff, Steven's great-grandmother Coombes Castle in Coventry

One very precious relic that has been passed down to the eldest daughter of each generation from Ann Elizabeth is a wooden box which contains the jet jewels she wears on the photo on this site with her grandmother, Ann (This photo was donated by Steven). The little box also contains tools and little booklets that have been inserted by those who have owned it in the past. 

Ann Elizabeth's writing box that has been passed down through the generations    Steven and his great-great-grandmother's writing box